chep snmp temperature sensors

I am looking for a small, cheap, simply device, that can measure temp and
be polled via SNMP. POE would be a plus.

Hmm... small, cheap, simple, pick any two?

If it's small and cheap that are most important, you could try building
your own like this:

Of course, that's not so simple unless you have some experience with
getting custom PCBs made and you have some sort of UNIX server at each
site to act as the SNMP agent. But it is about the smallest and cheapest
that you will find.

--Michael Dillon

Doesn't look like it has SNMP support at present, but the kits from

support temperature monitoring via a web interface with all the source
code included. Only $150 for the full development kit or $100 for the
unit itself.

          David Leonard

picotech makes low cost serial-connected temperature/humidity monitors...
it's up to you to decide what to connect them to...