Cheap switch with a couple 100G

To be fair, I did say that to begin with. :wink:

Outside of the US, in our quaint little European countries, passive
muxing with direct detect does often make more sense financially Those
coherent hardware providers have some eye-watering price lists, and only
begin to make sense on spans >100km. Or if you actually need 400G
transport to make use of N*100G services.

Single Wavelength Coherent or 4x10g coherent?

SFP28... So 1x25G, and direct detect.

Actually FS has SFP28 CWDM optics (1270-1330) available but they are
not up on the website, just as an FYI.

Missed that original mail, Tony. Good to know, thank you.

FS has reasonable pricing on their amplification systems for DWDM.

The problem in the states is the dark fiber consolidation, so it’s difficult to find someone that’ll sell it to you. Those that do, charge astronomically for it.

Juniper have launched a Trident based switch with 48 x 25G ports (the QFX5120-48Y.)

But I agree the commercials aren’t as simple with their in-house silicon platforms.


I very specifically said "Juniper MX". :wink:

The MX204 can split each 100G port into 4x10G. Why not 4x25G ? This would give you 16x 25G which seems quite reasonable.



An acceptable alternative would be a cheap muxponder to take say 2x40 + 2x10 and stuff it into a 100G. Fiberstore used to have one, but don’t seem to carry it anymore.