Charter & Others - Bogon Filtering

I Apologise for having to resort to mailing such a large list, and for
wasting anyone's time who is not using bogon filters anymore, however since
being allocated a /22 by APNIC on around 12 months ago, we have
begun using it now in production, and are getting complaints from some
people in the US that people are unable to visit our sites or send email to

We are currently having this issue with Charter Communications, and were
also having the same issue with the University of Tennessee, however they
have since corrected the issue.

I have left multiple voicemail messages with Charter's listed ARIN contact,
however we have had no responses or success.

I would appreciate it if anyone on, or off-list can provide any contact
details, or forward this email on to someone at Charter who can have their
bogon filters checked, and removed.

I would also appreciate any other providers who are on this list and are
still employing Bogon filtering, to double check your lists, and remove as APNIC has been allocating IP addresses from this subnet since
October 2010.

Best Regards,

Greg, on behalf of
Desura Pty Ltd

Thank you to everyone who has replied.

Charter have got back to me and are investigating this now.

Appreciate everyone's fast responses!