Charging for config changess

has charging for config changes a la
become common while i was not looking? admittedly, i have not looked
for a long time.


First I’ve heard of a provider doing it… and we do business with 3356, the one
carrier I’d expect to do something like this :slight_smile:

Might just be me, but I rarely have to have config changes done on circuits
after provisioning, short of enabling dual stack bgp on a circuit that didn’t
have it previously, or if a provider did something silly with your config after
provisioning/acceptance like send you a default route all of a sudden.

Despite that, I know there are lots of people that can’t decide on how they
want to do things, or refuse to use and/or don’t understand things like IRR.
I don’t do anything with 1299 (yet), but I could potentially see this as a
“PITA surcharge” to discourage people from being unable to make their minds up…
surely they would waive it for clueful customers who are making a reasonable
quantity of changes.

AS7545 charge fees for changes. Even for trivial things such as updating RDNS records.


From experience, I can imagine that Arelion has a very small subset of customers that are blowing up their tech support for changes like these constantly. I'm sure it's a punitive measure to deter these guys.



  I can tell you NETCOM/AS2551 did charge a monthly
maintenance fee for managing CPE devices, or customers
could opt to self manage their CPE, in which case if they
requested assistance making changes, they would be charged
per incident. (It was something relatively modest -- $50?)

  So it's not that new.

  That said, I can't remember ever charging someone
for BGP configuration changes on the upstream side, either.

  Unfortunately there's always a small set of
customers that will constantly demand changes otherwise,
and you need to either start recovering your costs on
those changes, or at least encourage them to minimize
the number of requested changes.


Oh totally. Want to update your reverse DNS record? Just put in a credit card number and bam $250 charge to your card. :wink:

Reminds me of some colo providers that charge you to cancel a service.
Want to disconnect a cross connect? bam $250, or some such obscene amount.

Cologix is $450/mo even if your contract and the Cologix legal department says it’s a different amount.

$250 one time disconnect is cheap.