Changing upstream providers, opinions/thoughts on and cogent

Looks like they already are?

Depending on which peer you might be replacing or cogent with, that could possibly change someone’s opinion. However, at least from past topics on this, given cogent history with peering issues (such as cake), I think one would certainly want to understand what impact peering/routing quirks would cause them and their ability to work around them before selecting cogent.

Given I doubt your international reach is a big deal, and given is more of a tier2 ( with local and regional peering ( ), they could be better suited for your traffic patterns and local customers?

Also if you are not already interconnected with from a transport perspective, given their footprint in the state, there could be opportunities for an NNI to expand your reach to help interconnect your customer’s locations (aka customer has a branch office inside and outside your direct footprint and wants ELAN type service).

I have looked at them before but never got serious, and thus cannot offer any input on their actual service or support.