Changing the Rules...

Marc Hurst writes:

> So? As soon as the Canadian Government directs the IANA to delegate ".ca"
> to Skyscape I am sure the IANA will change the delegation. Your statement
> has no relevance to this discussion.

The Canadian government had zero input in the selection of the University
of British Columbia having this authority.

The way it works is simple.

When a government directs the IANA to change a delegation for a
country domain, it gets changed.

If the government chooses not to give direction, IANA delegates to the
best organization it can.

Whether the Canadian government chose to get involved is immaterial --
if it chose, it would be obeyed.

This whole thing started because some idiot called IANA listening to
the Hatian government's request about the disposition of .HT an "abuse
of power". Perhaps the reassignment was due to Hatian corruption, but
that isn't within the power of the IANA to control, and certainly the
IANA doesn't get any benefit out of the situation.

Speaking personally, and not in any official capacity

It appears we have been arguing the same point...