Changed Cisco Memory Policy??


Was the email sent to you from Cisco, or a Cisco distributor?

The disclaimer about non-Cisco memory is still intact:

If you call Cisco TAC and ask for the Approved Vendor List (AVL) for a particular product, the TAC engineer will provide you with part numbers and vendor info that's pulled from the same list that Cisco uses internally when purchasing memory. The list is updated regularly, so a particular memory product and/or vendor that was approved in January may no longer be on the approved list today.
Memory product vendors change their products over time, so a memory product may become 'disqualified' on Cisco's list simply because it's no longer available (to Cisco) from the vendor, although it may be available from one of the manufacturer's distributors, until they clear out old stock. In most cases, the vendor has replaced it with an updated product, and the updated product will eventually be tested by Cisco and added to the AVL.

In other cases, Cisco may have uncovered a problem with a particular vendor's memory product, so the product becomes disqualified. In these cases, if the problem is critical, Cisco would probably recall the memory (RMA).

So, unless Cisco is concerned about having 'stale AVL information' remaining in a customer's hands, I can't see any reason why this process would stop.