Change in NACR procedures

In preparation for the retirement of the PRDB and the move to the Routing
Arbiter (RA) architecture, Merit proposes to change our NACR-handling
procedures to more closely mimic the registration procedures of the
Internet Routing Registries. We propose to implement these changes on
January 20, 1995. Please send any comments regarding the changes to as soon as possible.

Procedural changes:

1. NACRs for a given net will only be accepted from designated
email addresses from the net's home AS or from the AS which is
currently listed as the primary path according to the PRDB.

To verify what the designated email addresses are for your
Autonomous System number, use the whois client:

  whois -h contact <as number>

To update the designated email addresses for an Autonomous
System, send email to Please register the exact
email address which will be used to add or change information in
the PRDB. For example, if the designated email address is
and the NACR is received from, it will
be bounced.

In general we anticipate that this change should pose little or no
problem. In the event that a net changes providers, one of the following
two procedures will have to be followed. Either (a) the administration
of the net's home AS sends a NACR specifying the new provider as
primary (and possibly deleting the old), or (b) the administration
of the old provider sends the NACR. If the new provider wants to
submit the NACR, they will need to send it to the administration
of the home AS for forwarding to Merit.

Very few administrators of home ASs which are behind ASs that
peer directly with AS 690 have designated individuals and their
associated email addresses as authorized to update the PRDB.
For more information in establishing an aslist with Merit,
please send a message to

2. ACKs/NACKs for NACRs will no longer be required, and in fact,
will be ignored if received.

3. Copies of accepted NACRs will be sent to all associated ASs.
This includes notification of changes to nets already in the PRDB.

Typically, we would expect that all the ASs which are associated
with a net would be aware of any change in routing preferences.
However, this notification procedure will alert ASs that a change has
taken place even if they had not previously been informed about the change.

NACR Processing

As of January 20, 1995, Merit will begin to implement this change.
If mail to contains a NACR originated from
an authorized account as described in procedural change (1),
it will be processed. If it didn't, the mail will be

If for some reason you want your NACR to be read even if
it would otherwise be deemed unacceptable, include a non-null
comment: field in the NACR.


This is the first step in providing a transition to the RA architecture.
We have been experiencing an increase in the number of NACRs which
are being submitted to the NSFNET Backbone Service, many of which
pertain to the movement of networks from one provider to another.
For the month of December, received more
than 4200 messages. More than 1200 changes were made to the
PRDB on January 13, 1995. These new procedures will help to make
the registration process more manageable.

For those organizations which are in the process of changing
to another provider (autonomous system), the organization can
improve its chances of having changes to the PRDB made in
a timely fashion and to protect itself against loss of reachability by:

  a. sending NACRs in advance of your cutover (at least one week)
  b. adding the new provider as secondary (tertiary, etc)
  c. having the new provider start announcing the route
  d. testing the route by having previous provider stop
           announcing the route
   e. sending a NACR deleting the previous provider

Please check that you have designated correct email addresses for
your Autonomous System prior to January 20,1995. Mail to which is a valid template and originates from
an undesignated email address will be bounced back to the originator
of the message starting on January 20, 1995.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Please can you change the contact info for AS1849 from:

1849 Keith Mitchell +44 223 250122
1849 PIPEX Support Desk +44 223 250122
1849 Tim Goodwin +44 223 250122

to include one more person,, i.e.

1849 Keith Mitchell +44 223 250122
1849 PIPEX Support Desk +44 223 250122
1849 Tim Goodwin +44 223 250122
1849 Mark Turner +44 223 250122

I have asked for this change to be made more than once under the old
scheme, but I think it has got lost in the transition somewhere.

If you prefer the data in RIPE-181 format, it is:

person: Mark Turner
nic-hdl: MT104
address: PIPEX
address: 216 Cambridge Science Park
address: Milton Road
address: Cambridge
address: CB4 4WA
address: England, GB
phone: +44 223 250122
fax-no: +44 223 250121
changed: 950117

mntner: AS1849-MNT
descr: PIPEX, Public IP EXchange Ltd
admin-c: KM133
tech-c: TG46
tech-c: MT104
auth: CRYPT-PW PzRsMi3OZ1roU
mnt-by: AS1849-MNT
changed: 950117
source: RIPE

Please let me know as soon as you can if there are any problems with
making this change, it is becoming quite important to us that we can
make use of it.