cflowd utils

> was enough of a starting point for me. I've spent this
> week writing perl scripts to chunk up the output, spit
> it out into useful files, CGI scripts so that management
> can view the summarized data from web pages, and forms
> for doing queries against it. Next week I'll start
> selectively graphing certain AS speaker->listener pairs
> using MRTG. If people are interested, I can put my
> scripts up on the web.

  I think it would be great if you could share your work with us! I, for
one, am very interested.

Sorry this took so long, between my SO being sick, my mom coming
up for a visit, one of the hard drives dying, and me getting sick,
it's been a rough week. :frowning: I haven't gotten as far along in
writing up documentation for the scripts, but you can go ahead
and read what I've written up thus far, as well as download
the scripts, at

(yes, that's the same machine that has all my MRTG stuff as
well, for those of you that are on the MRTG list as well).

Please feel free to give me feedback or suggestions, and I
hope to have the rest of the scripts up there when I'm feeling
better next week. :frowning:

Again, my apologies for being so behind this week. Hope this
helps get some other people started on really tracking their

For those of you that wrote personally, I'll try to get answers
to each of you by the end of the weekend.

Thanks again!

Matt Petach
the not-so-anonymous scripter