Certification or College degrees?

Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, there are schools which have
Networking programs..For instance, New York Institute of Technology has an
AAS in Telecommunications Technology and a BS in Telecommunications

Classes include multiple Voice & Data classes, as well as Wireless
Networking, Traffic Management, Network Management, LAN/WAN/MAN, Telecom Law/Policy, as well as a slew of Electronics and CompSci classes...

All very useful for foundations, and pretty interesting...At least I found
it useful and worth the money...


Up here in Canada, iirc, its actually illegal to call yourself an
Engineer without a degree. There's something about a bridge falling down
in Quebec and killing a whole whack of people that brought that about.

That said, Dalhousie University now offers a Masters Degree in
Internetworking over seen by Cisco, TARA, Nortel, Bell and others.
Pretty neat stuff, and may actually be a good indicator of experience
AND book skill...