CenturyLink Outage?

Does anyone know what is going on with the nationwide CenturyLink outage?
Their NOC recording says it is a BGP routing issue with their upstream
peers affecting Internet traffic and traffic between regions. Our outside
connectivity with them has basically been down since about 4:00AM (EDT)
this morning. The prefixes we were receiving from them were fluctuating
between a few hundred and a few thousand all morning. We are getting the
full BGP table from them now (for about the last hour), but still not
seeing any incoming traffic. Seems like a major issue since it has been
almost 9 hours now.


Outages list is going bananas right now:

Same thing happened in Monroe LA that took down all of north Louisiana. It was an update that went bad and the switch had to be manually checked line by line. No backup was done before the maintenance. 16 hours of downtime about 45 days ago.

There is an ongoing discussion about this on the outages list.



See the [outages] thread -

Thanks, I did not know about that list.


Widely discussed on outages@outages.org list (hint!) but for those not yet list members over there, 13 or more states in southeast US affected, reportedly routing / layer 3 issue, possibly BGP to outside but not clear. Some service restorations discussed.

George William Herbert


AS1930 is again feeling reachability issues, now with AS32.
(there was a thread last week about wikipedia reachability also reported from our side -- there was nothing wrong within our network)

We are now having problems reaching AS32 in California.

Traceroute stops well away from our (direct) transit providers. I've already tried to push packets towards the two AS32's transit providers i see (AS46749 and AS2153) and i can't get through to AS32.

Is it possible this has something to do with the previous thread (Century Link outage)? (i'm in Europe, i know very little about US networks)

I've also tried to send e-mail to noc@cenic.org, but both their MXs are not reachable either... :frowning:
Other local commercial providers seem to be able to reach AS32, so there should be something in the way against AS1930's prefixes.


Carlos Fria´┐Żas

If there is a proofpoint email admin available please contact me off list.


Ted Hatfield
PrismNet Ltd.

Responded off list.


CenturyLink having an OUTAGE?!?

Well, I never!!

--JR @ Google-Atlanta

Need to pay their bills on time? :wink:

It's solved now! :-))

Thanks to CENIC's NOC.