There’s a nearby Lumen route (originally Digital Teleport) where they have built their route to someone else’s network where they’ve built a POP between their own construction and that third party dark fiber provider.

That dark fiber provider is friendly.

Knowing what they’ve built out in other places (compared to the number of strands available on the route), I was looking to utilize that lateral to get into the Centurylink POP from the dark fiber network.

They’ve more or less said it doesn’t exist and that it’d be $100k for the privilege of paying them more than I’m paying anyone else for a wave. I know it exists because they have no other way out.

I’m hoping to find someone in Centurylink\Lumen with a clue that can look up a POP, look at what cables are actually there, strand counts, how big their IRU is, identify excess assets and let me use them to overpay them for service.

Why I’m so specifically wanting Lumen is there are very limited options on the route I’m asking for. I’m already doing business with the others, so I’d like some entity diversity.