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Curious. Any thoughts on how this changes their business approach, if any? Obviously something like this has to be planned far in advance, but I can’t help but wonder what impact the recent outage and bad press might have had on their plans here, possibly accelerating them? Probably not. But it’s an interesting move regardless.

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Quantum Fiber? Sounds like a misbranding. I highly doubt they are using Quantum technology.

That’s how Lowe’s got in a lawsuit for selling 8” boards that were 7.6” long and similar.

I think this is just someone trying to pull the stock price out of the dumps by branding themselves a “tech company”. There are still things from the TWTelecom days they haven’t finished integrating into the control panel, this should be fun watching them try to change the name at the same time.

Very prescient for when it becomes commercially possible though, eh? :slight_smile:

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