Centurylink Boise Networking Oddness

I apologize for the noise, this seems like the kind of thing where it actually isn’t possible to get a message to the right folks through the front door. Hoping someone subscribed here can take a look.

Looks like something here in Boise is squirrelly.

fw1$ traceroute -A -I twitch.tv
traceroute: Warning: twitch.tv has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to twitch.tv (, 64 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 boid-dsl-gw17.boid.qwest.net ( [AS209, AS209] 10.036 ms 9.39 ms 9.633 ms
2 184-99-65-133.boid.qwest.net ( [AS209, AS209] 108.501 ms 96.669 ms 92.894 ms
3 ( [AS3356] 117.743 ms 125.807 ms 127.163 ms
4 * * *
5 ( [AS3356] 125.038 ms 113.778 ms 102.7 ms
6 ( [AS54113] 115.716 ms 121.388 ms 118.879 ms

Using lookingglass.centurylink.com I see the same thing from the other direction.

Tracing route to
1 ae-2-3615.edge6.Seattle1.Level3.net ( 0ms 0ms 0ms
2 ( 10ms 10ms 10ms
3 boid-agw2.inet.qwest.net ( 26ms 26ms 26ms
4 184-99-65-134.boid.qwest.net ( 126ms 118ms

All of this is around Thu Oct 8 12:10:31 MDT 2020


Im on a CenturyLink fiber connection in Boise. What is the problem you are seeing exactly? Traceroute doesn’t look odd really.

100ms to twitch for continental USA seems a bit absurd!

It is a tad bit unusual yes, but not surprising from Boise. Our connections have to go out to Seattle or other neighboring states before hitting any major IX.

Well, that and basing issues solely on ICMP echos and trace routes can be tricky, given that they are low priority and require hitting the CPU on routers…

Glad the issue seems to be resolved though.