Censorship, Obligations, and Legal Responsibility

I hate to throw a wet blanket at Alan, but I would really
prefer to redirect this kind of philosophical/legal question
to either the cix-members list or to com-priv.

I don't want to see NANOG dissolve into a forum for discussing
legal issues, principally because a/ it's *NA*NOG, and the law
is different in places in north america outside the USA,
which many people invariably tend to forget, and b/ such
discussions invariably attract long-winded flamefests.

Given that such issues really don't overly affect network
operations at this point in time, perhaps we won't be too
bad off not dealing with them on this mailing list.


I totally agree -- and migrating this discussion to a more appropriate
forum is not "throwing a wet blanket" at the original poster. It is
merely locating a more efficient and demographically optimal venue in
which to carry on the discussion.

I think the original question is one that needs to be asked and discussed,
just not here. I have been disappointed of late to see the usefulness (in
terms of what I believe the mission of NANOG to be) index of the NANOG
list traffic erode considerably as the discussions wandered far afield of
what, IMHO, should be the focus for this discussion group.

Thanks for the suggestion, Sean.