cef/process switching problem

I've got a cisco MC3810 with a bunch of DSL customers on it. CEF is
enabled, but when I do a show int stat, I see that almost 100% of the
outbound packets on the ethernet interface are process switched, and not
being matched in the route cache. The Input looks just fine, and the other
interfaces are borderline (usually 50% hit rate on the cache or a little

CPU is sitting pretty high on this box during the day, and I have strong
suspicions that this is why. :slight_smile:

I can't seem to find any info on why this would be happening or how to
figure out what's going on. Anyone have any suggestions?


Not sure on the MC3810 (never used one), but I know that many of the
other Cisco routers didn't do CEF on ethernet until later revisions of
code... There are other factors that kick it out of CEF as well.. I
believe ACL's and Route Maps are 2 of them..