CDN question

Hi, folks,

I have a question to you as experienced auditory.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of building your own CDN (mainly, in USA, Brazil and Australia)? We are running a website and using CDNs for a while to delivery static content. Few guys brought this question for a tech review. And I’m curious of opinion of people who maybe did that.

So far one of the bit advantages I see is distribution of authoritative DNS. But it is a bit too low for building and running CDN.

Will appreciate any opinion shared privately or on this list.



Hi Tim,

If by some miracle you manage to hire the technical experts needed to build a CDN that works, you’ll find they get frustrated and quit over the whack-a-mole system balancing activity needed to operate a CDN. Unless you want to be in the CDN business itself, your best bet is to rent space on someone else’s CDN.

The secondary bonus of someone else’s CDN is that you don’t have much of a sunk cost, so if they have trouble keeping it working you can readily switch to a different company’s CDN. This allows you to keep your eyes on the prize: the business your company is actually in.

Bill Herrin