Carrier Recommendations


I am currently in the process of evaluating carriers for future expansion into international regions, primarily Asia, Europe and South America.

I am comfortable with AT&T and Verizon however I would like to make sure I include all the major players and would like your direct feedback and commentary in regards to any of them.

These are the key areas I am concerned with.


I am looking at two deployment options as well if anyone would like to comment.

  1. A single carrier for global connectivity to all sites (mpls etc)

  2. A single carrier for global regional connectivity, and in country/regional carriers for all local offices that funnel back to regional aggregation points.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Daniel

Will you be running any multicast applications on these links? Are they real-time video or data feeds? If so I’d steer clear of any MPLS based solutions and stick with something that gives you a deterministic path.

Personally I’d stay away from Radianz and YIPES as I’ve had bad experiences with them over the past year. They have a significant amount of outages and most go unexplained.

I have a global network with Global Crossing now and they average about 2-3 small outages (less than 5 minutes) per week but their NOC engineers seem to be helpful and respond quickly with RFOs. Proper backup paths prevent it causing much of an issue.

I’m not sure any of them are great…


Brian Knoll

Is multihoming and/or traffic engineering over multiple connections a
requirement? Should it be, or is "multiple links to one sufficiently big
upstream AS" good enough?