Carrier Neutral Site - Freetown, Sierra Leone?

Every time I try to bring a circuit into Africa it is like a complete tour of Dante’s Hell.




There is really no such thing since there is just the one cable landing station. I’ve previously spent months working in network infrastructure and telecom in Sierra Leone, contact me off-list if you’re serious about getting something done there.

A broad brush for such a large place. Mark.

I am sure South Africa is better. I am really referring to French speaking Western Africa.


Well, South Africa is just one country out of 54. And French-speaking West Africa is also a multitude of countries. Mark.


I am sure it could resolve the discussion and the topic easier and more helpful, if you can line out what exactly is the issue and where help is needed, and not comparing and generalizing the order of a circuit for a whole continent to walking or passing by the idea of a hell. That is pretty unfair.

We don’t have any business in Africa, but I’d like to listen and understand.


This is what I’m also trying to get to, albeit the long-way around. That said, the OP did speak of Freetown, so. If I can get more detail, I can reach out to some folk that run network in those parts and see if they can help. My/our expertise is more eastern and southern Africa. Mark.

My own admittedly relatively limited experience with networking in Africa has always been that people truly, honestly want to help make things better whenever it’s reasonably possible (e.g. you obviously can’t break local laws, or ignore a regulator). The attitude is generally very very good, compared to what we’ve seen in some other regions of the world. That being said, I have no experience with Sierra Leone in particular so can’t help out in this case…

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MainOne, Glo-1 and ACE, would be the current major routes into West Africa.

I know some people there and can reach out, if they aren't lurking here already.


As you can guess from the name of the capital, Sierra Leone is an English speaking country

Sierra Leone is very much not French speaking, in the context of ISPs and telecom.

There may be a significant minority of people who do speak French due to its regional proximity to other countries, for business, but the language of higher education, business, finance, telecom, real estate and so forth is all in English.