Carnivore alternative


Indeed when the FBI visited with NANOG in Washington D.C., the guy
stated pretty plainly that if you didn't want to use Carnivore you
didn't have to. You merely needed to provide the information listed in
the warrant. Now I'm not a provider, and I can't verify what he said,
but that is what he said.

On the other hand, what assurance is there that there is no trap door in
NetWitness. What one might do is place filters on the port that
connects such devices so as to limit the intercept to information that
could be conceivably covered by the warrant. I've heard from some ISPs
that they would rather the FBI not even tell them who the target is, for
fear of the information leaking.

Strange legal jungle we live in.

Comments? (So, Ran, got both barrels loaded, yet? :wink:


I just post links (occassionally) that may be of interest to NANOG. I think the legalities and other nuances are best discussed by NAers and not by MEers :slight_smile: