Career Opportunities In Network Engineering β€” Watch it on NANOG TV πŸ‘‰

Career Opportunities In Network Engineering
β€œBe curious and passionate; this is a lifelong journey.”
β€” Selva Srinivasan, Microsoft

Big thanks to all who attended our first NANOG U Webinar last week! And of course, to each of our guest speakers β€” it was a great conversation, all around.

Didn’t get to attend? No worries! Watch the full webinar this weekend, on NANOG TV.

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Save the date β€” 2021 Webinars
January 22, 2021 β€” DNS Fundamentals
11am - 1pm PST / 2pm - 4pm EST

Eddy Winstead, Internet Systems Consortium (ISC)

February 26, 2021 β€” BGP Fundamentals
11am - 1pm PST / 2pm - 4pm EST

Aaron Atac, Akamai Technologies

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For DNS fundamentals - I’d definitely recommend DNS deep dive we have recorded at IETF108.