Captive portal for suspended accounts

We are a combination fiber and fixed wireless ISP with around 20k subscribers.

Management is wanting to develop something along the lines of a captive portal for suspended accounts such that those customers are forced to a portal that allows them to make payment and get reactivated.

This is a common thing for a cafe wifi hotspot or something, but has anyone here attempted to do it at this kind of scale who would be willing to share their experiences? If someone has successfully done this, I would love to pick your brain a bit to understand how you accomplished it.

Thanks much.

Steve, a captive portal for DCMA, billing and various other purposes is very common. I would say it is almost a requirement for modern ISPs. How it is done depends on vendors and such but you simply redirect customers to a portal network based on an identifier like a MAC or Circuit.

Comcast walled garden is a good starting point to Google - there’s even an rfc

This is to quarantine malicious customers rather than billing defaulters but well, much the same effect


Im hearing something similar to “when I don’t pay my bill” direct customer to portal allowing them to rectify that themself rather than support staff.

The kindest experience ive had with hat is spectrum in my area and charter communications. Would that be what you are after ?

Yes, that is exactly the desire.


It looks like you’re using Sonar for billing. That has the feature built in.

Most common billing systems have this built in
What are you using for billing?

Sonar / / Powercode / Splynx all include this -

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