Calling Comcast Postmaster or whomever actually is responsible for Comcast RBL maintenance

For over a month now I've been fighting with Comcast Customer Security
Assurance regarding a simple BlackList issue. Apparently there is some
disconnect between internal applications and their ability to report
BlackList status accurately and the 'actual' BlackList rule-set. Supposedly
the ticket has been escalated to 'admin' and 'engineering' multiple times to
no avail. Currently we are waiting for engineering again to examine the

The block is owned by us, a facilities based CLEC in business for over 10
years. The /24 in question is used for business T1's.

If anyone has any contacts, ideas or the power to resolve the issue I'd be
elated to hear from you.

Thank you all for your time,

Chris Stebner

I have send this issue on to the right team and you should hear back from
them shortly.

Thanks for posting.