Call for Volunteers for NANOG Mailing List Committee

People of NANOG,

Members of the Mailing List Committee come from a variety of technical and organisational backgrounds, but share a desire to help the NANOG list function as an effective resource for network operators. The Steering Committee, in consultation with the current Mailing List Committee, are interested in hearing from people who are interested in joining the team, volunteering their time and energy to help make the NANOG list better.

We are looking for people who care about the NANOG list, who are habitual e-mail addicts, and who have a thorough understanding of NANOG culture. If this sounds like you, we would encourage you to put your name forward.

To volunteer, send a note to containing a brief summary of how you think the NANOG list could be better, and how you think you could help make a difference. We'll consider every response we get before 4 August 2007.

Thanks for your time,

Joe Abley, for the NANOG SC
Alex Pilosov, for the NANOG MLC