Call for Participation - Smart Routing Panel

Smart Routing Panel


The Internet is not resilient to two types of problems: outages and data flow quality degrading. Network outages are defined as periods where traffic to a portion of the network is down. A network is identified by a network prefix.

Data flow quality degradation occurs when links or routers are so overloaded that traffic does not flow through at normal rates. Normally, data flow quality has to dramatically decrease for the Enterprise to be concerned. Some companies in industries such as stock trading or insurances have time critical information. Data flow in these companies must react quickly to data flow degradation.

A group of vendors of "Smart Routing" products and services proposes to route around outages and areas of poor data flow. We are soliciting participants for a panel that will discuss this at NANOG 25 (June 9-11). This panel will focus solely on the technology issues in "smart routing" and "BGP". In the finest of NANOG traditions, we will eschew any marketing content in order to focus on the interesting technical issues in this area. We are looking for participants
for this panel with deployed product.

Each panel member will be required to prepare the answers to the questions below and to aid in preparing a the general panel discussions.

Question 1 (parts A-F) and Question 2 will form the basis of the 1st panel session that will highlight the technology behind the smart routing.
Question 3: "BGP issues that Smart Routing has highlighted" will be done in a second panel discussion.

The format of this panel will be

    - Overview of Smart Routing
    - Presentations by Smart Routing Vendors
    - Q & A on Smart Routing
    - BGP issues Smart Routing has Highlighted
    - Q & A on BGP issues

If you are interested in this panel, please contact me at

Sue Hares

Participant Questionnaire: