Calix optics for Muni

The box Jason was telling me about was the Calix 836GE, which, Leo, will make
you happy cause it's a router/wifi/bridge with what looks to me like a
Duplex-LC connector on the back.

Its companion is their E7-20, a 20-slot chassis that will do (presently)
480 home-run ports or 10k GPONs in what looks like about 10U; double density
linecards (which might well be just bidirectional optics, though the front
panels don't look at all crowded just now) are in the pipe.

If anyone's got this stuff deployed, and can whisper in my ear offlist
a rough estimate of what price class it's in, that'd be neat. Yes, Calix
reps are on the list; remember; I'm a 24-month client, minimum. Probably

-- jra