California Seizes Power Contracts

Seize is really a poor word choice by the article's author imho. They all
just wanna scare the crap out of us..


We should be scared. California's power industry is being nationalized.

Regarding the word choice, "seize" is accurate. The Governor himself used the word when he stole SoCal Edison's contracts last week:
"I am using my emergency powers to seize options to buy very inexpensive power that would otherwise be lost forever," Davis said in a statement.

No, you can't configure your router for that. Sorry for the non-operational content.


Nationalized would be seizure by the Feds, not the state of California.

Not sure why we should be scared, though. Government has a pretty good
track record of running electric utilities. Right now, LA Water and Power
is selling power to the rest of California - partly because they had the
good sense early on to buy into the Hoover Dam (another government