California PUC orders outage notification

The California Public Utilities Commission has ordered electric
utility companies to provide advance notification of rolling
blackouts. In the past some utilities have declined to provide
advance notice before blackouts, citing security concerns such
as the possibility of looting and rioting. The City of San Francisco
complained the lack of notice hampered its ability mobolize
police and medical workers.

No mention how the utilities will actually accomplish this
advance notification.

This will happen if the ISO gives ample warning, it has already been
determined that 10 minutes would not fall within that category, so its
a good decision but has its drawbacks.

As for today's decision by the PUC on Northpoint

The California ISP Association (CISPA) brought pressure to bear on this

Sean Donelan wrote:

I used to live in Turkey where we had daily blackouts at a scheduled time. People planned their lives around the blackouts and life went on. Of course since the new hydroelectric dams came on-line, this is not as common as it used to be.

I'd prefer that over an unplanned outages both at my house and at my work.

I don't understand why they don't go to planned blackouts instead of unplanned blackouts. This may actually drive the demand down and price with it. Plus maybe the population would decline with people migrating to South Dakota and all (for those of you that are not living in the SF Bay Area, S.D. has been advertising extensively on the radio as a good place to do business with ample energy).