California hurricane and earthquake telecommunication impacts

For California only (I don't have sources for Hawaii).

no reported loss of life

58,555 telecom subscribers out of service
54,514 power subscribers out of service

85 cell sites out of service (7 damanged, 52 transport, 20 no power)
Less than 1% OOS in declared area

2 PSAPs (911) out of service
3 PSAPs (911) available without auto-location

Less than 1%? That's better than Detroit Edison on a sunny day

13,733 cell sites in the declared area.

Percentage out of service
Imperial 6.2%
Riverside 1.7%

Los Angeles 0.5%
Kern 0.4%
San Diego 0.4%
San Bernardino 0.3%
Orange 0.2%