Calgary Internet Exchange (YYCIX) deploys world's first ASPA-filtering Route Servers

CALGARY, CA-AB, Feb. 2, 2023 - The Calgary Internet Exchange (YYCIX) is
thrilled to announce the deployment of the world's first ASPA-filtering
Route Servers on a public peering fabric. The YYCIX Route Servers drop
ASPA-invalid BGP routes in order to protect multilateral peers.

ASPA (Autonomous System Provider Authorization) is a free RPKI-based
technology for detection and mitigation of BGP route leaks. ASPA enables
holders of Autonomous System identifiers to securely authorize one or
more other Autonomous Systems as their upstream providers, in turn
enabling Relying Parties (ISPs and IXPs) to use this cryptographically
verifiable information to automatically stop improbable BGP paths from
spreading through the global Internet routing system.

ASPA complements other routing safety & security mechanisms: RPKI-ROV
helps guard against fat-finger keyboard input errors, BGPsec helps
establish strong assurances about BGP message authenticity & integrity,
and finally ASPA helps stop route leaks. The key to worry-free routing
operations will be to use all three in tandem.

The ASPA specification is in active development as a freely accessible
open standard through the collaborative Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF) process. YYCIX volunteers took on a leading role as early
adopters (or 'lighthouse customer') to foster an environment in which
real-world feedback can be contributed to the OpenBGPD developers and
ASPA specification authors in the SIDROPS working group. Our hope is
that many vendors and operators will embrace ASPA in the years to come.

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