cable modems [Re: Intra/Inter - was Inet-II]

Really Ken, just because you consult to PacBell, you shouldn't be so
obvious in your posturing. :slight_smile:

Well, Milow, it's hardly posturing. More a gesture. :slight_smile: Everyone who's
been to NANOG knows that I work for PacBell on the NAP. I believe that
you yourself were once a consultant for a long stint at Ames, working
for Sterling Software before you stepped over and became a government
employee? I don't think you can so easily discredit me for being a
low-life self-prostituting money-grubbing consultant. But nice try.

I'm sure you've read the Upside article and the issue it raises regarding
TCI's investment in the necessary cable plant upgrades to support @Home?

Cable modems by themselves don't don't the performance problem, in fact,
that's what @Home has been talking about for sometime now, and why we
believe you have to build an intelligent network architecture, not just
dumb pipes.

That is certainly true and no one better to architect a data network
that works for the web than you. An xDSL network needs the same kind of
caching and replication as you are designing into the @Home network
for the same reasons. Fortunately, it isn't rocket science (to take your
old NASA phrase) and doesn't require proprietary extensions, although
some might like to lock in a subscriber to proprietary features of
an intelligent web architecture.

Some folks do believe that just fixing the loop will fix system
performance, and they are clearly in the wrong. However, I will venture
to say that unless you do something like what we're doing, it doesn't
matter if the loop is ADSL or Cable or laser, it's not going to end up
running very fast. This is not just a loop problem.

Right again, just fixing the loop problem isn't enough, but since we
are tangentially back on that topic, what exactly has TCI and the other
cable partners committed to regarding the investment in cable plants
outside the Bay Area?

For while you absolutely must have an intelligent data architecture, you
also absolutely must have a solution to the local loop problem.

You go fix the local loops at TCI and I'll get PacBell to roll out an
intelligent data architecture along with the xDSL service.