C&W routing instability

Can anyone confirm routing instability and/or huge path leakage from C&W? I'm
hearing reports of this and seeing general instability/loss, but the route
servers aren't showing anything funny.


We were seeing some pretty massive leakage from C&W starting around 90 minutes
ago. It *appears* to have ceased, but I don't have confirmation from them
that the problem has been resolved at this time.


Route-maps people... I hope this was just a man made error, and not the
total lack of route filtering.

a different chris

Cable and Wireless has ticket number 406-49673 open on this. Apparently
another carrier leaked a full table to them, and for unknown reasons their
filters did not prevent it.


I'm at a client site who is multi-homed to Verio and C&W. With both links
up, various networks in C&W's net are unreachable with the same
configuration that yesterday worked perfectly. The only massaging of BGP
announcements their doing is with recieved routes and nothing on what
they're sending out. We've taken the fractional DS3 to C&W down and
everything is working again. Maybe this would explain why it just quit
working for some reason.