C&W Peering Problem?

  Just got off the phone with C&W's NOC trying to find out why NASA.GOV
had fallen off the edge of the earth. When I asked if this had anything to
do with the C&W peering policy, the answer was yes. Does anyone have any
more information on this?


Seems to be working again suddenly after 2 days of not working. This
must be the "magic" mail list.


I was wondering when this issue was going to be brought up. C&W dropped peering with several backbones. I will bet the problems started about a week ago. It might beg an interesting question. If a tier1 drops enough other backbones that are non-transit buyers.... doesnt that mean that the tier1 is no longer tier1??? Seems that C&W no longer has full routes.

Considering that they have been shopping for a buyer of the company, I would guess to say this administrative more affects their share value... doesnt it.


Seems that C&W no longer has full routes.

Well, don't let your rhetoric get too far out ahead of the facts:

   AS PfxRcd
   1 94319
   1239 95748
   701 98084
   3561 101262 <-- Cable & Wireless
   6461 102686
   715 96438


Yes, well sessions seem to be working again. Interesting.