[c-nsp] DOCSIS 3.0 & PPPoE/L2TP compatibility


Yes PITA indeed.

Our 7200 are G2, but we were still planning on moving away from them.

I presume you guys are staying on the 7200s meantime, to accomodate the PPTP requirement?


I did PPPoE for open access on cable networks starting back in DOCSIS 1.0 and that (and PPTP for that matter) is a dead end IMO. Get to BSoD/TLS which is a CableLabs (the guys who write and test the DOCSIS spec) standard and will be supported on all of the D3 chassis no matter if its Arris, Cisco, Motorola, or Casa.

The guys at the cable company could have gone with a Cisco 10k or a 7225(smaller systems only) and I believe both of those still support being a LNS for PPPoE, but again Cisco is really the only one and good luck getting any help from their TAC on setting it up.