Buying IPs with poor reputation

I’m curious if anyone has experience deliberately buying blacklisted blocks, or blocks that otherwise have poor reputation. Is there a significant price difference? How do you seek them out? Most of the sellers I’ve found seem to focus on blocks with good reputation, or on improving the reputation of a bad block. But I am interested in purchasing some IPs for internal services where reputation doesn’t really matter.


Let’s say normal IPs are $35, those blocked IPs may be $32, and you’ll need much work to delist from all database.

xTom GmbH


Our experience has been that most blacklist operators/owners are more than willing to remove IPs after a change of ownership, same with updating of geo IP services.

The bigger problem for us has been the huge number of statically defined or never updated blacklists/geo blocking by webmasters/postmasters/firewall admins that take months to get straightened out.

This is what makes the difference in price well worth getting reputable IPs and avoiding countries that may be considered as potentially unsafe.