Business Loans For You

Do you need to increase profits in your business?
Do you need venture capital to get you there?
Are you frustrated with your bank turning you down
for the capital your business needs to grow? Be frustrated
no more. Zion Worldwide can put you in touch with
hundreds of offshore investors waiting to invest in a
viable business just like yours.

What Is An Offshore Investor?

An offshore investor may be an offshore bank or a group of
offshore lenders looking to invest in and to lend money to
viable business enterprises both in the United States and
elsewhere around the world.

Why Not My Own Bank?

U.S. federal banking law permits American banks to tie up
a lot of their money in overhead expenses and advertising
costs. Which means that American banks have less money
to lend out to their customers (the ones who gave the banks
their money in the first place!). Offshore banks, on the other
hand, are required by offshore banking rules and regulations
to lend more of their customer's money to, you guessed it,
their customers. And groups of offshore lenders (often referred
to as 'conglomerates'), are not necessarily restricted to the
number or type of businesses that they can invest in, as long
as these businesses are viable and show potential for future growth and profit.

How Do I Take Advantage Of These Offshore Lending Opportunities?

Zion Worldwide works with literally dozens and dozens of offshore banks and conglomerates
across the world to put American businesses in touch with reputable offshore
lenders. By submitting an offshore loan application to Zion Worldwide, your
businesss automatically becomes eligible for the following types of offshore funding:

Venture Capital Loans, Signature Loans, Equipment Leasing, Cash Grants,
Self Liquidating Loans and a $25,000 Line of Offshore Credit, as well as
offshore corporate credit cards.

How Do I Apply And How Much Does It Cost?

To apply simply write to:

Zion Worldwide
5015 W. Sahara Ave.,
Suite 125,
Las Vegas, NV, 89102.

..and ask for an offshore loan application. There is a non-refundable
application fee of $200US payable to Zion Worldwide via money order,
cashier's check, Visa or Mastercard.

Why The $200 Fee?

When you make application for offshore lending opportunities, Zion Worldwide
literally sends your company's loan application to several major funding
institutions around the globe. The $200US application fee assists our
organization to cover the costs of shipping your loan application documents
around the world.

How Does Zion Worldwide Make Its Money?

When your company's loan application arrives back to our office,
Zion Worldwide receives a brokerage fee from our offshore lenders
for finding them viable businesses to invest in.

Can I Apply?

Any viable business in the US or abroad may make application to
Zion Worldwide in order to receive serious consideration from Zion's
offshore lenders.

Is It Hard To Apply?

Absolutely not. Simply prepare to provide your company's past earnings
as well as future earnings potential, as well as some documented business
plan and, of course, some basic business details (e.g. your company's name,
address, phone, fax etc.) and you're set. In fact, we want you to succeed in
securing your loan, because when you succeed, we succeed.

Why Is Zion Worldwide Located In Las Vegas?

Nevada is America's last haven for judgment proof corporations (better than Delaware,
better than Wyoming). Zion Worldwide strives to take full advantage of all of the
incorporation benefits that the State of Nevada provides.

What's The Catch?

Sometimes interest rates on offshore loans are higher than interests rates on similar
loans in the United States. However, apply for an offshore loan, then immediately
turn around and expand your business with it, and of course, enjoy the increased
profits your business generates, repay your offshore loan early, and the interest
charged to you on your offshore loan will total no more than the interest on a loan
you can (or can't) get in the US.

AnyThing Else?

Nope, except 'Apply Today'