building a better route reflector

Running two routing protocols is too much of a hassle. I think I would
rather use static routes, and synchronize routers using rsync, diff, and
patch. Our NOC has several 286s running Xenix that could act as servers
for this.

This would eliminate the hassle of running OSPF, ISIS, or RIP. Does
anyone know of a Tier-1 for under $30/Mbps that would run something like
this instead of BGP? I'd love it if we didn't need any routing protocols.

Why don't we dump IP routeing and have one big supernet on one big
bridge peice of ethernet? Wouldn't life be simple!


This would appear to be the way things are moving actually in some ways....
think ethernet on MPLS, who needs connections to IXPs any more when we can all
share one or have one big global IXP?!