Buh bye

I'm about to be removed, forcibly, from nanog-post.

Mostly, it's because I feel that the degree of stink raised by the
admin team over my "send in the marines" post last week is completely
out of the bounds of reason for a single, only arguably off-topic,
posting which asked for, and received, no on-list replies.

And, clearly, they *don't* think it's unreasonable.

That's ok; I only operate very small networks, and no one's going to
lose any sleep over not hearing what I have to say.

And since, notwithstanding everyone's interest in *reading* best
practices information on networking, none of the people who *have* it
had anything to write about it on the Wikicty below (with a couple of
notable exceptions), I'm probably taking that off in another direction
as well.

I wrote this mostly because it's a tradition. :slight_smile:

-- jra