buffer bloat and packet pacing

For a short survey and history, see also "The road to SDN: An intellectual history of programmable networks"

Also, the lectures and interviews from Nick Feamster's coursera course are available on YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/nfeamster?noapp=1

-- Jen

These disclaimers have been proven to be added by the paranoid.



Basically, unless you already have an existing written NDA you’re likely not bound. Your company may have an NDA between yourself and a vendor, carrier or otherwise. If you’re not sure, ask.

- Jared

Disclaimers are invalid on their face because they're an attempt
to unilaterally enforce contractual terms without a meeting of the
minds -- something required for a valid contract. They're "adhesions",
i.e., they're provisions so one-sided that it's immediately obvious
that they've been dictated by one side and not agreed to by both
as the result of some kind of bargaining or negotiation.

The two best references I'm aware of in this regard are:

  Stupid E-mail Disclaimers and the Stupid Users that Use Them

Quoting in part:

  "We can't help it--this really makes us nuts. When will these
  people learn? You transmitted your crappy mind-numbing message
  to us, in plain text, over the public internet. It's ours (and
  whoever is sniffing our mail) to do with as we please and you
  can't have it back, so piss off. We won't delete it, we will
  publish it, we will forward it, and there is nothing you can do
  about it. Go ahead, take us to court, but try to find a shred
  of legal precedent first, ok?"


  Don't Include Bogus Legalistic Boilerplate.

Quoting in part:

  "First, such boilerplate contains useless adhesions, meaning
  the explicit and implied threats they make are particularly
  annoying. If you send something via email, the recipients (are
  you sure you aren't sending to a mailing list?) and anyone else
  who sees your clear text postcard in transit can undetectably and
  with full deniability do whatever they want with the information
  written on it in plain view. Even casual users of email know
  email is not a secure communications medium. Thus the threats in
  typical bogus legalistic boilerplate are naught but an attempt
  at highly improper intimidation. Demands made in this manner
  will be regarded as evidence of a hostile attitude on your
  part by a significant portion of recipients. The threats will
  negatively affect how your recipients perceive the other ideas
  in your message."


I've taken to sending such mail back with a note "message deleted at
your request".

The more urgent the question, the better.


What do you mean when you say “software defined networking”? Do you have a particular problem or use case you are approaching?


since when was that a requirement for SDN?


I thought it was purely for vendors to sell you more crap?

Yes. Usually Automation/Orchestration and allowing the customer to manage
their own network requirements in real-time through a portal/iPhone etc?



"But, where does this OpenFlow stuff fit into that?"

Ad infinitum.