Broken/trashed/junk Juniper MX5/80 and Cisco 2921 chassis?

Hey all,

Sorry for the x-post with j-nsp, but I'm looking for something that seems
to be a bit hard to find and I'm hoping that someone in the larger
community might be able to help.

I'm trying to find a totally broken, cheap, MX5/80 and a Cisco 2921 chassis
that I can use for demonstration trainings with our edge technicians. We're
currently running the demos with spare gear, but even though we transport
this gear in shock-mounted cases, I'd much rather be transporting dummy

Our SEs don't have a line on this kind of gear either. Aparently this type
of gear is destroyed or refurbished, but there isn't much demand for broken
equipment sitting around staying broken.

If you have a line on some of this gear that you'd be willing to share, I'd
appreciate it.