Brocade unsupported transceiver?

Anyone know if there is a command in Brocade NOS (4.x) to force the use of an unsupported transceiver? If so, what is it?

I've had a few offlist responses looking for the same or about coded optics.

I've been able to use Brocade -coded optics from FiberStore, but a DAC which should be universal (and passes the muster for the Intel NICs it's plugged into) returns, " 2018/03/21-15:14:00, [NSM-1028], 2679, DCE, ERROR, sw0, Incompatible SFP transceiver for interface TenGigabitEthernet 54/0/16 is detected."

Unfortunately, show media doesn't help because the interface is offline.

More offlist messages I figured I'd address in one e-mail.

VDX-6720 4.1.3b

These are the ones that I know work:


We have been (and still) using all kinds of brocade hardware, including VDX from early NOS2.x

AFAIK, I couldn’t find an equivalent command to « unsupported transceiver ». So you will always get a syslog message, but usually it won’t stop port from coming up.

Regarding to optical transceivers, re-encoded 3rd party transceivers work very well.

But when it comes to DAC, and we have tested a lot for them, usually we use « original » brocade DACs.

We also tested successfully IBM an CISCO DACs, they work just fine but you’ll the usual syslog message. However, DOM information might be incomplete.

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No one knows of such a command and apparently the VDX line is finicky with what passive DACs they'll work with. I just ordered more of the ones I know that work.

Tangent: Is it normal for these guys to still transmit light even when the interface is shut?

Yes, and they (old hardware plateformes) support only passive DAC. I remember being bitten by this at the time.

Tangent : hum :thinking:... doesn’t seem normal to me. Maybe a bug ?!?

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You need to program the passive dac to look like an active dac. Brocade wants active.

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Hello Eric,

I got confused, you are absolutely right. Here is a thread I started a few
years ago when we bought our first units :

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