Brocade MLXe Selective FIB Population

Does anybody have information on how to selective populate the IPv4 FIB on a Brocade MLXe?

Graham Johnston
Network Planner
Westman Communications Group
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Hi Graham,

I haven't personally tried this but do have plenty of hands-on
experience with the MLXe platform. As far as I understood from previous
conversations with my Brocade SE, if your firmware is recent enough and
the card doesn't have any ports used in a certain VRF the selective FIB
download will happen automatically.. you can verify this with the "show
cam-partition usage" command.

However, if you want to load a full Internet routing table while running
a VRF-capable CAM profile you will need -X2 series linecards with the
"cam-mode amod slot #" setting for ports which belong to the default VRF
(e.g. the one which contains the 600k+ IPv4 prefixes). All the other
cards whose FIB is going to be selectively populated may have -X, -M, or
even -DM route table scalability.

Best regards,
Martijn Schmidt