Brocade CES Routing Table Issue

I have been troubleshooting an issue with Brocade TAC in regards to our Brocade CES that we use for some static routing. The Firmware has been upgraded and hardware has been replaced and still the problem is occurring. I have talked to some other carriers I work with that have previously used Brocade gear and switched because of odd issues that could not be resolved. Curious if anyone on this list has had other odd Layer 3 issues with Brocade/Foundry Networks gear? My issue seems to be somehow related to the table in memory that the ARP and next-hop entries are stored in, entries will point to the wrong mac address or the wrong port for the next-hop, it happens about every 60 days like clockwork.

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I regularly had this many years ago with the old Foundry Big Irons, the
Route table on the processor would have the correct information but an
individual forwarding table on a line card would be out of sync causing
randomly occurring route loops. They never did fix it and that was the last
time I used them with full internet route tables. This being said I saw
similar issues (that were resolved) on Unisphere (now Juniper) and Extreme