Broadening the IPv6 discussion

From: "Petri Helenius" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 00:32:38 +0300

Remember that multicast never happened either.
How much it would take to "sponsor" free content over multicast to
get it deployed. Don�t know if this would be approvable for government
subsidies though.

But multicast HAS happened, but mostly in the enterprise. Interdomain
multicast is still unusual outside the R&E community. R&E nets like
Abilene, vBNS, and ESnet make heavy use of interdomain multicast,
especially for the Access Grid (

While the Access Grid tends to be mostly R&E, there are a number of
commercial providers supporting it and interdomain multicast.

I do not believe that the Access Grid has yet been used for pr0n, but
is is largely government subsidized.

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