Brighthouse Networks packet loss

Our customers on Bright House Networks / Time Warner Cable / Charter in
Orlando, Melbourne and Tampa are experiencing packet loss between Orlando
and Miami before the traffic reaches Hurricane Electric. The odd thing is
when we disable Hurricane Electric, the packetloss goes away but the
traceroute is the exact same path to Miami. HE sees no loss from our
location in Reston VA/Ashburn to Miami.

We are having our customers talk to Bright House Networks but probably
won't get very far with residential support.

Any tips or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jared Geiger
IT Vocal LLC
AS 32478

This isn't all that different from our situation. Did this just start
this week Jared? Perhaps the issue is whatever content inspection system
is being used on TWT's peering with HE.

I'll send 10796, 11426, 3456, 7843, and 20115 to another provider and
hopefully things return to normal...(I think that's most of their
traffic, not sure if they have some other ASNs).


If we send traffic to TWC / Charter / BHN via another provider, it does
clear up. So yes there is something odd between HE and TWC / Charter/ BHN.

Andy - add 33363 in your list of ASNs. That is Bright House Networks.

After a few off list replies, HE responded to me again. Upon further
investigation, 1 link in a LAG in Ashburn between HE and TWC wasn't showing
bidirectional traffic. HE removed the link and the packetloss disappeared.

Thanks to everyone who helped!