Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft

In light of the fact that Telcordia is a wholly-owned subsidary
of SAIC, this is especially troublesome.



"Some of the nation's most influential former military
and intelligence officials have been informed in recent
days that they are at risk of identity theft after a
break-in at a major government contractor netted computers
containing the Social Security numbers and other personal
information about tens of thousands of past and present
company employees."

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- ferg

Registration is not required if you copy&paste the above URL into Google
and then click the URL returned in the search results. :wink: Same trick
works for the NYTimes.

-Jim P.

ISTR that this sort of thing was explicitly disallowed by Google's policies
at one point, and was grounds for exclusion from the engine.

I somehow doubt (post-IPO) that this policy is enforced any longer. :slight_smile:

You can always use as well.


It gets worse:

  Database giant gives access to fake firms