BRAS Configuration backup and trace feature segment changes


   I'm looking for tools which could backup BRAS and router configuration automatically, while monitoring special configuration changes.

   RANCID seems to be able to backup whold configuration, but it seems it could not monitor special feature configuration segment changes ( e.g. changes on OSPF configuraion or drop code mapping configration).

    Is there any tools to do this ?

  thanks in advance.


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We're using Cirrus from Solarwinds for this.... works pretty good (at least since they brough out the latest patch a few months ago)....

It does full config backup but will only backup changed configs - also sends a daily email to us with any changes made to routers etc.... also daily report (if you want) on current IOS version etc. etc...

Overall, happy with it - to the point we use it to script some automated IOS upgrades too...


Using Hyperconf by WinAgents here, pretty satisfied with it as well.

Multi vendor support, changed configs or full backups, highly configurable.