Brand X decision could mean widespread VoIP blocking

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“The question may now become if consumer can order Vonage, 8x8, … VoIP service, riding the cable Internet service.”

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Agreed, that is a major question. There is nothing that binds the MSOs to continue carrying the parasitic services you cited except for good will, and throughout the country the measure of that good will varies by region, state and down to the individual locale and household. If recent history is any guide, the incumbents will do whatever they can get away with and still profit from within the shortest possible horizon. It would be difficult for the MSOs to cut the Vonages off at the knees at this time, but will become easier if and/or when the Telcos, too, find themselves no longer required to fill the role of common carriers. Then both the MSOs and the ILECs can give the parasites the boot, and customers will have nowhere else to go that permits them. To do so before that time, however, could potentially be a PR nightmare for the MSOs, IMO, and this could outweigh any potential interim financial gains, so I think that they will wait for the ILECs to catch up with them so they could share some of the negative light.

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On Tue Jun 28 20:06 , “Fergie (Paul Ferguson)” sent:

Parasitic services? Good will?

I believe, Frank, that you and $LOTS_OF_CUSTOMERS_INCLUDING_ME have
differing views of what service it is, exactly that broadband customers
(think) we're paying for.

While few of the consumer broadband providers explicitly say
"unfiltered routeable IP access to 'the Internet'", *none* of them say
"access to websites and we don't guarantee anything else"... at least
not in letters tall enough to make the FTC happy.

Oh... did I imply that broadband carriers might trigger a wash of
consumer complaints to the FTC if they started blocking service the
customers wanted to use without clear advance notice? :slight_smile:

-- jra