Brace yourselves.. W32/Sobig-F about to mutate...

Let's not get too spooked -- this is yet another annoyance
that exemplifies just how ludicrous the virus writer's
"one-upmanship" really can get, something which has been
around for quite some time.

Thanks for the heads-up, which is (in my opinion) the appropriate
response -- anything resembling panic, scare tactics, or a
"Charlie Foxtrot", would only contribute to the problem.

It seems like that has become the norm (charlie yada), and
as engineering folk, we need to be more objective. :slight_smile:

Let's make sure we put this into the proper perspective and
not contribute to the hype. Does that sound fair? (This is merely
a general statement/question and not directed to Valdis.)


- fergie

Valdis wrote:

A quick heads up, if anybody hasn't heard:

At 1900GMT today, ET phones home, and picks up the next payload
of instructions. Nobody knows (yet) what they'll be, but SoBig-E
erased itself, put in a password grabber, and then installed a
mail proxy for spammer use.

This one *may* just play the theme song from Bozo the Clown
and erase itself, but I severely doubt it's gonna be that

I just mentioned it so we'd all know, in case the next part does
something network-unfriendly a la Nachi. No need to panic,
just everybody keep an eye open starting in (ummm) 14 mins or so. :wink:

/Valdis (who wishes all malware came with such a firm ship date. Hell,
my *vendors* won't commit to such a firm ship date... :wink: