Box with (H)VPLS hub+spoke (martini EoMPLS) support in the market?


Could someone please point me out if there is already boxes that support
acting as (H)VLPS HUB's for Martini EoMPLS spokes, with VLAN rewrite?

Hopefully this helps more than hurts:


PE4 would be running (H)VPLS aggregating the EoMPLS + native L2 to single
broadcast domain. L2_custs would need to take round-trip via L3_Cust_Router
to reach each other (so local-proxy-arp). PE1-PE3 would be running
plain old martini EoMPLS without any MAC knownledge, they could be
running on different VLAN, which PE4 would then rewrite.

Is there any box in market doing this yet? My top runners would be
Timetra (now alcatel) and Riverstone 15[12]00.